We're offering a season long CSA deal, for a bulk discount on pre-paid chicken orders.  Due to the current Covid-19 situation on supply chain issues, we cannot guarantee weekly or biweekly availability.  However, we won't sell more shares than we can support, so your purchase is guaranteed.  A whole share is for 25 whole broilers, half shares are for 13.  A season long order of our high quality broilers will net a huge savings over ordering individually by over 15%.  Our CSA customer birds will average 6lbs+, beating our retail price by $1-$2 per pound. If you've never had this style of bird, raised outdoors in the natural grass and sunlight, you will be impressed by the flavor and quality. Birds will be ready and available starting June 2020 throughout the season until October, we will notify you by email or phone of a timeframe once your order is placed.

Whole Pastured, Soy-free Broiler - Season CSA

  • We offer this poultry product as fresh never frozen, air chilled only for the highest quality if picked up within a day of butcher day.  That being said, it will be frozen for food safety reasons if not picked up immediately.  Pre-orders will be notified a few days in advance of when they will be ready.